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   El delfín y la luna By Marta Canellas, illustrated by Muntsa Vicente A little dolphin wishes he could have the moon. Will he find a way to get up there? This musicalized story is designed to initiate children to music and education in values. A fun book to discover different musical instruments. The book includes 2 drawings for coloring and a CD of the book being read aloud with songs.    Casas extraordinarias By Cécile Becq Where do fairies hide? Where do mermaids sleep? Visit Rabbit's family den, Santa's workshop or a spooky castle, in this tour of the imaginary magical worlds in which we would...

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Ages 0-2, Book Lists -

¡Bebé, vamos a comer!  By Stephan Lomp and Amy Pixton What green vegetable looks like a tree? Broccoli!Can you find a fruit that's small and yellow? Lemon!Can you pick out two berries so red and sweet? Raspberry and strawberry! Explore a rainbow of delicious foods in a book that's INDESTRUCTIBLE.    Mis primeras canciones de animales By Adrian and Marina Carpintero, Illustrated by Jimena de la Vega Interactive music book features 6 fun songs about animals. It includes the songs: En la granja de mi tío, Los pollitos dicen, La mariposita, La vaca Lola, Un elefante se balanceaba and El baile de la ranita. ...

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