Book Gifts for ages 0-2

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Book Gifts for ages 0-2

¡Bebé, vamos a comer! 

By Stephan Lomp and Amy Pixton

What green vegetable looks like a tree? Broccoli!
Can you find a fruit that's small and yellow? Lemon!
Can you pick out two berries so red and sweet? Raspberry and strawberry! Explore a rainbow of delicious foods in a book that's INDESTRUCTIBLE. 

Mis primeras canciones de animales 

By Adrian and Marina Carpintero, Illustrated by Jimena de la Vega

Interactive music book features 6 fun songs about animals. It includes the songs: En la granja de mi tío, Los pollitos dicen, La mariposita, La vaca Lola, Un elefante se balanceaba and El baile de la ranita. 

Embrujo en la granja

By Eulàlia Abad, illustrated by Muntsa Vicente

How would you sleep if you were an elephant, a penguin, or a lion? All animals needs to sleep, even though they all have their own way of resting. 

Embrujo en la granja

By Mónica Kobiakov

55 everyday words to share a little bit of Venezuelan culture with little ones and adults.


By Alberto Sobrino, Illustrated by Cecilia Moreno

Don Ramón likes to walk in the park, but he didn't come today. Maybe you have seen him? Can you help me find Don Ramón?

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