About us

You have spent a good amount of hours searching for quality books in Spanish.

You think Google could do a better job translating and editing the books you find.

Now you are convinced good books in Spanish don’t exist?

So were we. A few years ago we decided to raise our kids bilingual and make the long-term commitment of time and resources. We tried looking for books in our local bookstore and library. But the few titles we found were old, irrelevant, versions of books we had read in English, or just poor translations that did not make any sense.

For years I read to my kids while translating the written words on the spot.

As fun as that may sound, my kids were learning to read and they wanted me to read to them in English, or they would read the books themselves. Their vocabulary acquisition in Spanish was plateauing due to the higher usage of and preference for English. And my oldest was transitioning out of picture books’ land into the Bermuda triangle zone where the selection of early readers and chapter books in Spanish is nonexistent in the United States.

We chose to raise our kids bilingual with an understanding that we needed to provide our kids with constant input and support. But even with bilingual schooling or us chatting away with our kids we were left wondering, how can we increase our kids' exposure to the minority language without books?

So I set out to find great books for my kids to read in Spanish independently or as a family.

My name is Daniela, and I am the founder of Cuentology Books. I am a Venezuelan mom living in Austin, Texas, with my husband and our two goofy boys where they attend a Dual Language program in one of our city’s public schools. Our wish is for them and for your kids to grow up fully bilingual so they can experience the cultural richness of Spanish-speaking countries on their own. We also want our kids to know we are funny. And it's hard translating jokes into another language.

Any family who raises bilingual kids can supercharge their kid’s vocabulary by reading quality books in the target language.


When you engage your kids with entertaining stories and they are immersed in rich vocabulary in context, you stimulate their curiosity while supporting their language acquisition.



Welcome to Cuentology. We are so glad you are here.

Books for kids in Spanish can be funny, intelligent, existential, scary, touch on themes you may not read about as much in English like first loves, death, acceptance, feminism, supernatural beings, the environment. We strive to bring you literature from an array of themes and countries so we can better serve you. Feel free to email us if you need a recommendation for your classroom or home library. We are here to help.

Please come in and browse our selection of fantastic titles from Latin America and Spain.