Mi libro del Adviento

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This illustrated book features a story or poem to read each day of Advent, a pop-out decorative element with every story, and a 3D Christmas tree structure for hanging these decorative paper ornaments as decorations. A magnificent book of classic stories that keep children anticipating the next story and the arrival of Christmas.

It includes one book with 24 classic Christmas stories, one 3D Christmas tree, and one hidden paper ornament in every story to find and hang on the tree, for a total of 24 ornaments. 


Author: Various
Illustrator: Camille Garoche
Size: 14.75" x 11"
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Recommended reading age: All ages


Este libro ilustrado es un calendario de Adviento diferente que contiene un cuento o poema para cada día, un elemento decorativo por cada día para que el niño pueda decorar el árbol de Navidad que acompaña al libro.Un magnífico libro que prepara a los niños para la llegada de la Navidad.