El paraguas rojo

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When Marta wants something, she closes her eyes, wrinkles her forehead, and wishes it with all her heart. But lately that has not worked, nothing happens the way she wants and to top it all the whole world seems to be against her. Could it be that she has lost her magic?

Author: Paloma Muiña Merino
Illustrator: Beatriz Tormo Martín
Size: 8.25" x 5.5"
Pages: 56
Format: Softcover
Recommended reading age: 6-9

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Cuando Marta quiere algo cierra los ojos, arruga la frente, y lo desea con todas sus fuerzas. Pero últimamente no le funciona, nada sale como ella quiere y encima el mundo entero le saca la lengua, ¿será que ha perdido la magia?